Author's notes for Thank You, Drive Around
April 13, 1998

I'll be brief.

It's my first fanfic. I'll admit my dirty secret - I'm a little embarrassed about it. I used to be fairly derisive about the whole subject:

"Um, it's just a TV show. Don't these people have better things to do?"

Well, frankly, I do. But that probably won't stop me from writing more. And it hasn't stopped me from devouring everyone else's fics as they come out. So there you go.


Okay, I'll admit two dirty secrets. I've read hundreds of pieces. How many have I sent feedback for? That would be, um, zero. I guess admitting to the author that I liked a piece would be the final stage in admitting that yes, I am an idiot fan.

Lots of people sent me positive feedback about this piece, though, and lo for I am shamed.

So, resolved:

  1. I will write more fanfic, because at least a few people liked this and it was a fun first attempt.
  2. I will give feedback to other authors, because It's The Right Thing To Do.

And if you're reading this and haven't taken the feedback plunge, shame on you. But I admit I know how you feel.

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